Travel Tips

Traveling can be a little overwhelming, agreed? But with the right travel tips at your disposal, it can make your travel experience all the more fun and your mind at ease.

We’ll update this page frequently so check back occasionally for more tips and tricks to use on your next travel trip. For now, however, here are the top twenty five tips and tricks we’ve collected over the past decade of travel.

  1. Be flexible.
  2. Learn common sayings in the local language.
  3. Make a list of needed items, not a mental list, a physical one!
  4. Don’t forget extra batteries. Especially for the camera!
  5. Always bring a Sarong.
  6. Photocopy important documents. . .just in case!
  7. Always purchase travel insurance.
  8. Pack extra underwear.
  9. Pre-plan your outfits. Know what you’ll wear ahead of time.
  10. Pack essential items into your carry on, just in case your luggage goes missing.
  11. Ask the price BEFORE you get into public transportation.
  12. Bring lotion with you. Keep it handy.
  13. Be sure to stay hydrated when flying. It helps with jet lag.
  14. Put your room number and your hotel address in your phone.
  15. Chat with the locals. The locals are the best source of info.
  16. Be cautious of FREE public WiFi. Hackers can’t wait for you to connect.
  17. Be sure to contact and alert your bank and credit card company of your travel plans.
  18. Bring sunscreen. Wear it! The future you will thank you.
  19. Take plenty of photos. They are the best souvenirs.
  20. Always be open minded. It’s not your country, don’t judge or criticize, just enjoy.
  21. Make sure you leave room for spontaneity. Go with the flow sometimes.
  22. Tell someone back home what you plan to do. Especially if traveling solo.
  23. Separate your personal items when traveling together. It’s more efficient.
  24. Separate your money, don’t keep it all in one place. Hide some in a separate bag.
  25. Bring a travel first aid kit. You never know what you’ll be up against and it’s better to be prepared.

These are out twenty five favorite travel tips for your to consider and remember on your next vacation. Check back frequently as we will continuously update this and who knows how long this list will eventually get, as there are just too many things to consider while traveling.