Worst Travel Advice We’ve Ever Heard – Top 5

Worst Travel Advice We've Ever Heard - Top 5

Travel Advice To Not Take At Face Value

When you are preparing for a trip of any kind, you are likely to receive plenty of advice, whether you want it or not. Often you can end up with some great tips that lead you to some amazing finds. However, if you look long enough, you are bound to come across some spectacularly awful advice. Here is our list of the top five worst pieces of travel advice we’ve ever heard.

1. Only Travel Off-Season

While traveling off-season may save you money on your plane ticket, there is often a reason for the popularity of peak season. Wherever you travel in the world, peak season typically has the best weather. In Europe, peak season means warm temperatures and less rain. In Asia, peak season means that you are avoiding monsoons. While it is still feasible to travel off-season in many countries, often you will encounter terrible weather and limited access. In many countries you will find that certain tours or shuttles only run during peak season. While peak season may be hectic and more expensive, if you avoid some of the tourist traps, you can still have an enjoyable trip. Focusing on shoulder-season may be a good compromise to ensure you still have accessibility to all of the sights as well as decnet weather.

2. Plan Everything

While you cannot leave everything to chance, it is never a good idea to plan your entire trip before you even arrive. It is always smart to book your accommodation and some tours ahead of time. However, don’t plan a tour every day and make sure you leave plenty of gaps of time where you have nothing planned. This allows you to have peace of mind knowing where you will be staying without stressing about keeping to your schedule. You never know what opportunities will present themselves once you actually begin your trip. You may find out about an interesting attraction that you didn’t learn about in your guidebook ahead of time. If you leave some gaps in your schedule, you will still be able to have some degree of spontaneity once you arrive. Leaving some gaps in your agenda will also help your trip be more relaxing and feel longer.

3. Don’t Travel Alone if You’re a Woman

Unfortunately, there are still countries in the world that are not safe for women traveling alone. However, that does not mean that women should give up solo traveling altogether. There are plenty of countries, including Australia, Iceland, and Thailand, that are safe for the female solo traveler. While it may still be daunting to travel alone, you should not let it stop you. If you are aware of your surroundings and research your destination before you arrive, traveling solo can be an incredible experience. More and more women are going out into the world to explore it solo. If you pick the right destination, traveling as a solo female is no more dangerous than it is for anyone else.

4. Bring More Clothes to Reduce Laundry

When it comes to packing clothes for travel, less is often more. You may hear someone tell you to bring enough clothes so that you won’t need to do laundry during your trip. However, this means that you will be weighed down by your luggage every time you change locations. Instead, only pack what you need. Try to pack enough clothes for one week, and if you find yourself traveling for longer periods of time, take the time to wash a shirt or two. If you really don’t want to go to a laundromat while on vacation, you can always wash a few items in the sink and hang them out to dry. You can even wear the same article of clothing day after day if you are not getting too dirty. No one you encounter out in public is going to know that you have worn the same shirt three times while you were traveling.

5. Stay With a Group At All Times

While going off on your own in a foreign country may seem like a daunting idea, once you get your bearings, it can be a great way to explore. It is always fun to share travel experiences with other people. However, when you are in constant contact with the same group of people, it may drive you a little crazy. While you want to enjoy the trip with your companions, you should never be afraid to find some time to be alone. Not only with this give your group the space it needs to maintain a good dynamic, but it will also allow you to have your own adventure. If you take a breather, you will be able to enjoy your trip more and really feel in the moment.

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