How to Pack Clothes for Traveling


Advice on Packing Clothes

Whether you are traveling over night or for a week or longer, packing never seems like an easy task. It can be frustrating trying to take everything you need without weighing yourself with too many items. Here are some tips for how to pack clothing that gets you through your entire trip without taking up too much space or leaving behind the essentials.

Layer Up

No matter what season you are traveling in, you are going to need layers wherever you go. Be sure to look up the weather forecast before hopping on the plane to get some idea of which layers you may need. It is usually best to pack a light rain jacket in case the weather turns sour. If you are worried about staying warm, pack one or two versatile layers that will keep you warm, fit easily over your other clothes, and do not take up too much space. Often just one warm sweatshirt can be enough to get you through any trip. It is also a good idea to pack layers that can mix and match to give you different outfit options during your trip.

Invest in Packing Cubes


Packing cubes are an essential feature that can help keep your suitcase or backpack organized and compact. If you want to stay completely organized, it is best to have different packing cubes for your shirts, pants, undergarments, socks, snd toiletries. This will make it easier to find things in your bag without having to completely unpack the entire thing each time you search for something. These cubes will not only keep you organized, but also save you tons of space. Packing cubes help compress your softer items down, allowing you to take a smaller bag or have extra room for souvenirs.

Pack Dual Purpose Items

When it comes to packing clothes, sometimes less is more. When trying to decide which clothes to bring, try to focus on clothing that can have multiple purposes. If you are unsure if you would be better off with pants or shorts, taking a pair of zip-off pants allows you to bring one item instead of two. If you also use one of your layers on the plane in place of a travel pillow, this will help you save even more space.

Focus on One Week

Whether you are traveling for a week or six months, the amount of clothes you take should stay the same. Taking more than a week’s worth of clothing will load your pack down with unnecessary bulk that you will have to carry throughout your trip. Thinking in terms of a one week trip ensures that you have everything you need to survive from one laundry session to the next. If you are really desperate, washing your clothes in the sink can help your clothes stay clean even if you do not have access to a washing machine. Just be sure to bring durable clothing that does not need to be handled gently.

Carry On a Spare

While it is infrequent for airlines to lose luggage, it does happen. If you are unlucky, you may arrive at your destination with only your carry-on to get you through the trip. For this reason, it is best to always have a spare set of clothes in your carry-on. While it will still be frustrating to have most of your luggage lost, you will at least have clean clothes to change into after the long airplane ride.

Folding Matters

Many of us procrastinate packing so long that our last resort is to simply shove everything into the bag and leave. However, taking the time to fold your clothes as you pack can help your trip go off without a hitch. Folding your clothes methodically not only keeps your luggage organized and allows you easier access to your items, but can also help save on space.

Look for Clothes that Pack Down

Many of the clothes we keep in our wardrobe are quite bulky, even when packed with precision. When packing, it is best to pack items made from fabric that is both durable and light. In some cases, you may even wish to purchase items like packable jackets that are designed to pack down easily and save you room and weight.

Make a List (And Check it Twice)

Finally, one of the best tips for packing clothes for traveling is to make a list before you even begin packing. As you pack and stow items away, you may forget what you have already packed and accidentally pack the same items twice. Keeping to a neat and organized list will help you think through which items you actually need and which items should be left behind. While you may decide to add to the list as you pack, checking the list before you zip up your luggage will give you peace of mind knowing that you have packed everything you need for your trip.

Packing clothing for a trip can often be a daunting task. However, if you pack smart, you can have the right amount of clothes for your trip without feeling like you are hauling around a bag full of bricks. Simply staying organized as you pack and being selective of which items you take with you can help your next trip go smoothly.

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