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Often enough, travelers think they have found the perfect time to book a flight. Unfortunately, most theories are wrong, and it rarely depends on the day of the week or time when you start booking. However, no matter what popular flight booking websites say, you need to book your flight as far in advance as you can and check out as many deals as there are available.

Recent studies performed by Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corp. found through billions of flight ticket purchases that one of the best days to purchase an airline ticket is on Sundays, but only if you’re looking to book at least 21 days prior to your trip. Generally enough, weekends are a recommended time to book a flight, but avoid Fridays since this the busiest day for business travel. Even though there is usually no certain day of the week that can promise discounted tickets, research has shown that you may come across such luck.

Below, are a few more tips you should follow to get the best possible airline ticket for your travels.

Europe Airline Tickets

The best time to book a flight to Europe is at least 99 days prior of your trip, according to’s Annual Airfare Study, which took over 921 million airline tickets into consideration. You should also take note that winter is generally $250 cheaper than summer travel, given that it is the busiest season to travel.

What Seasons to Travel In?

Choosing the best season to travel in can also help you buy the best airline ticket as well. Depending on the CheapAir study, you should book spring flights at least 75 days in advance and winter holiday tickets at least 54 days in advance. Summer flights should be booked at least 76 days in advance and fall flights should be booked 47 days prior to your trip. Remember, the bigger the holiday and warmer the weather, the more in advance you should book your flight.

When Should You Book Around the Holidays?

Skyscanner has shown a drastic hike in airline ticket prices around holidays. According to their research, you should try booking your United States-based holiday travels at least four weeks in advance.

How to Book the Cheapest Flight

Besides Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays have shown to offer the best prices for domestic flights due to the lack of business flyers.

Deals, Deals, Deals

Even though it’s often easier to book on days that are cheapest, you can still get an even cheaper flight by looking for deals that are available to you. For example, if you wait a few days prior to your trip to book a flight, you may find an airline that is looking to sell last minute tickets at discounted prices. While doing this, you should try traveling throughout the weekdays and purchase your tickets in non-busy buying hours. Unfortunately, if you need to travel on the weekend, you won’t be able to find cheap tickets since Friday through Sunday flights are in demand the most

Other Ways to Save on Airfare

Here are a few more tips to help you save money on your next plane ticket:

1. Set airfare alerts

If you already know where you want to travel, setting an airfare alert in that location can be beneficial to save on airfares. However, if you aren’t sure where you want to travel too, you can find a bunch of great deals on the Getaway Map.

2. Compare both connecting and nonstop flights

Believe it or not, buying a connecting flight can save you up to 50 percent, even if it takes longer to get to your destination.

3. Purchase a Flight From Larger Airports

Usually, choosing a flight from a larger, well-known airport means that you can get cheaper tickets. However, it’s wise to shop around and see how far away a large airport is to you. If it costs too much to drive to that airport, it may not be worth getting a flight from there.

4. Don’t Shop for Airline Tickets During the Peak Travel Season

If you plan on flying during the fall, winter, or spring, while avoiding spring break travel weeks, you can often find the best airline deals, even if it’s a minor inconvenience.

5. Find Airline Sales

Keep in mind that the majority of airline sales happen early in the week, such as Monday or Tuesday. If you start looking towards the end of the weekend or on weekends, you’re not going to find many deals, just bloated prices.

By carefully planning the best time to buy your airline ticket, you can save a lot of money and enjoy your trip even more!

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